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This portal is listing companies and other places
where you can find freshwater generators and spare parts.
Links to explanation of the desalination process,
in more ways than one, are also found here.
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Nordtec Maritime Services ApS
This website links you to a company, which produces freshwater generators and other products. Nice photos of their supply. Also you can click the links at the top to get a closer view of the products, such as heat exchangers, condensers and charge air coolers.
Here is one type of fresh water generator, a typical model. You can see the scope of supply listed, the price and dimensions. At the bottom, there is an email link to David Press for more information.Photos of the plant is shown.
Through this site you can order renovation or exchanging of following models of fresh water generators : Atlas Sasakura , AFGU types of Atlas Denmark, Nirex / Alfa Laval JWP26 and JWP36. Spares are also available for some of the models. Remanufacturing service can be arranged. The company is Nordtec Maritime Services ApS, which has several products for the marine industry.

This website is from an Asian company, Lynsk. You can see a photo of a plate type freshwater generator, which produces from 1,000 to 50,000 litres of drinking water / day. A short description of benefits and features. Below that, a simple layout of a typical installation ? good for easier understanding! You can also click the links for more information.

Sasakura deals in several freshwater-making products. Most needs for drinking water on the ocean can be met when acquiring one of their products, e.g. AQUAPET. There are short descriptions incl. photos of the various types, and you can see which type is suited for which purpose. Steam is mostly used for heating in these products.

Eide Marine Services AS
Advertisement for one freshwater generator for sale in Norway. Capacity is 2000 litres per 24 hours. You can click on the nearby link to see the plant. Further down, there is a reply form, which can be filled out about wanted equipment. Possible here to buy second-hand or new marine equipment.

Solar Navigator
An article describing methods to remove salt from seawater. Read about the technologies of evaporation and reverse osmosis. Scroll down the page and view special suppliers of such plants and products listed. Including short descriptions of their history and market products, and links to contacting them. Suppliers are e.g. AER Marine Supply and Sea Recovery.

For Sale @
A sales list of various models of fresh water generators. Use the email link at the bottom for further information. Models DPU, JWG and AFGU are available here.

Marine Engineer World
Here you will find a short article on the needs for generating fresh water on ships. There is an animation of how the process works, and it is described in the text. A very good article for fast understanding of fresh water made from sea water.

Sea water desalinator with a capacity of 16 litres per day. Available from this website, which also includes a photo of the unit and specifications. Chinese product.

This website is from a company, IMS, who sells all spare parts for the following makes of fresh water generators : ALFA LAVAL, APV, ATLAS and SONDEX. Click this link to further view which models series they are dealing with. Competitive prices are available.

Horizon Reverse Osmosis Desalinator
Here the company Horizon Reverse Osmosis gives you good reasons to why you would need a Reverse Osmosis Desalinator? Get to know about the advantages of having this installed on your ship or boat. Easy reading, get explanations and answers to your questions.

Explanation on Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis explained on this site. You will find a scientific description related to this subject. At the bottom, you can click on a few interesting links, e.g. there is a description of the chemistry. You can also read about why salt water draws pure water from your body, when drinking it.

A description of how freshwater generators work. An article of around half a page which tells about the fundamentals. Easily understandable to read? and now you know something about how to turn sea water into drinking water!

Florida Marine Guide
Advertisement from Marine Care for sale of different types of fresh water generator models ? makers are Atlas Denmark, Alfa Nirex and Alfa Laval. Capacities of the models are mentioned, from 15-60 tons / day of distilled water.

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